A confident woman knows that the first person she needs to take care of is herself. Because if she can’t take care of herself, then she cannot take care of anyone else.

I LOVE helping women (including myself!), find their inner confidence. I have been working as a cosmetologist on the southside of Chicago in a wonderful salon, 'Marlo'  I've recently developed a passion for eyebrow microblading: the precise art of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing.  I have found a great deal of satisfaction and pride in giving women their eyebrows back!  Eyebrows are an integral part of a woman's face that we've taken for granted. Time, tweezers, stress, even cancer and other diseases have taken those beautiful eyebrows away from us...and it's time to get them back!

My name is Sarah. I'm the proud owner and artist at The Brow Boutique in Evergreen Park. My training has been great (and thorough), check it out:

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